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XDS Road blocker


Road Blockers are designed for high usage and to stop ram raiding from unauthorized vehicles. The design using structural strength BHP steel not only caters for high axle loads, but also withstands high impact loads.

The unit consists of a wedge, which fully retrats into the ground to enable free access to passing vehicles but rising quickly to stop unauthorized entry.

The blocker is driven by a hydraulic power pack mounted remotely from the road blocker, which drives the wedge up by dual hydraulic rams. The pwer pack size sets the speed of operation and can range from 3.5 seconds to 6 seconds. And the power supply is either single phase 16 Amps or 3 phase 16 amps.

The steel frame and structure is fully hot dep galvanized to AS1650 to withstand corrosion and the road wedge is painted white with red reflective tape mounted on the front.


A remote contact closure eg. a card reader, push button or similar causes the road blocker to commence retracting and therefore opening up the driveway. Depending on the logic chosen, the blocker will either rest in the open position for a preset time before commencing to close or alternatively it will remain open awaiting a further command. The close cycle is essentially the open cycle in reverse. Safety devices i.e. through beam and ground loop, inhibit closure if an obstacle is present.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 3 to 5.5m (L) / 300 to 800mm (H)
Construction Structural channels and angles
Finish Hot Dip Galvanized to AS1650
Speed 3 to 5.5s
Motor 3 to 10 Kw
Drive Rexroth (Bosch Group)
Control Rexroth (Bosch Group)
Safety Traffic Light or inductive ground loop
Vehicle Speed Limit 80 KM/h
Crash Rating 8 tons at 80 KM/h

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