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XDS Mobile Crash Barrier


TThe XDS mobile crash barrier has been designed for immediate deployment to provide high security areas protection from attackers/terrorists. It provides an effective means of controlling access to these areas.

The system can be deployed quickly in less than 15 mins without the need for extensive civil works and or road surface preparation.

It is operated via a tethered wired control panel located on the barrier which can also be customiszed to desired length for easy operational deployment.

Technical Specifications

Crash Test 6.8 tons @ 50KPH/15000 LBS @ 30 MPH
Stopping distance within 50 ft
Lane width 10 ft
Deployment time under 15 mins after trailer
Height of battier above road surface ~0.8 m
Weight ~3.5 tons to 4 tons
Response time Normal operation: ~4 seconds
Emergency Operation: <2 seconds
Operation 90 Kg

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