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What we offer

The security business is growing exponentially, as consumers are rapidly becoming more aware of its many life-saving benefits.

To help our dealers take advantage of this highly profitable opportunity, we offer exclusive area code licensing, installation training, and marketing tools to help them reach potential customers and make sales vital to the success of their investment.

With the investment of XDS dealership you are equipped with all the tools needed to launch your new business.

Training program

Your investment includes a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of the business, including installation, technical and sales. The training will prepare you with the knowledge and skills to train your own staff. Even though we are always just a phone call away, you will receive complete training manuals that will assist you during your initial training. They will also serve as a reference tool after you are up and running. Our training program includes:

» Hands-on instruction on how to install the XDS Products

» Bomb blast Mitigation training

» Management training

» Sales and marketing training

» How to conduct product demonstrations

Ongoing dealer support

One of the keys to a successful business is support from qualified professionals who know the product, the market and how to manage the operation. The XDS Dealer Support Department is dedicated to helping you build a successful business in the safety and security laminate industry by offering the following services :

» Assistance in the preparation of product demonstrations

» Technical support about XDS products

» Answer questions regarding product testing

» Phone and email support

» Re-directing sales leads to area-specific dealers

*For exclusive territorial dealership, licencing fees will apply.

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