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The CDM S-Plasma Ion air purifier is a quantum leap over conventional technology and provides a world-first technological breakthrough in air purification. It is a compact device using Samsung Electronics Super Plasma Ion (SPI) for multiple use in the home, office, factory or vehicle. The SPI Zone Technology creates a world's first Hydrogen atom and Oxygen ion to accomplish a novel chemical process that purifies indoor air without harming the human body.

Its advantages include

1. Remove 99.9% floating indoor virus

2. It eliminates over 99% of Influenza A virus, Swine Flu (H1N1), bacteria, fungi, allergens from dust mites and cat/dog.

3. Absolutely safe for humans tested by Korean, Japanese and UK bodies.

4. It also neutralizes the active -oxygen (OH radical) harmful for humans by generating Hydrogen Atom & Oxygen Ion.

5. Causes dust to settle by negatively charged ions.

Typical applications include

a. Clinics/hospitals

b. Schools/Colleges

c. Offices

d. Retail shops

e. Spas and Saloons

f. Public Transport (Buses/Taxis)

g. Private Cars

h. Homes

i. Hotels

j. Airport

k. Animal Farms


The enclosed commonly asked questions are enclosed below

    Q: How loud is the noise that occurs during the Virus Zero operation?

A: At low level operation, there's almost no noise. At high level operation, the small sound would not effect the sleep of the user. The sound specification is 29 dB at high level and 24dB at low level operation. For your reference, the noise from air conditioner is normally 31~33dB.

    Q: I have an allergic rhinitis. Does this Virus Zero product have any good effect?

A: BAF (UK Allergen Association) approved the Virus Zero is helpful for allergic rhinitis and asthma. There are various reasons for allergies to develop and one of the major reasons is air pollution. Virus Zero eliminates over 99% floating viruses and allergens in the air and accordingly you can feel better using Virus Zero. It also has the ability to drop dust by attaching negative ions to the dust particles.

    Q: My child has an atopy (hyperallergic) problem. Will Virus Zero be good at this?

A: There are various reasons of atopy disease. One of major reason is not-clean indoor air.

Virus zero eliminates various virus, bacteria and allergens in indoor air and it can make good effect for atopy. For real life case, Atopy lab. of Samsung Medical Center (located at Seoul, Korea) has been equipped with SPi (Super Plasma Ion) and has approved it's good effect.

    Q: I heard that child immunity would be weaker if there's always air purifying system in his or her environment. Then, how about this Virus Zero which is air virus-eliminator? Will it also affect the self-immunity?

A: For any influenza or virus, people can finally get immunity just from complete cure after catching the disease. However, for recently spreading H1N1 influenza or SARS virus as well as MRSA virus which could be fatal with a second infection at the hospital, they're all final viruses.

Accordingly, prevention disease by eliminating those viruses would be much more important to your families healthy life.

    Q : There're always lots of dust in my room. Is it also good for removing dust?

A : Just for removing dust, a simple air purifier will be a better solution.

Virus Zero mainly works for eliminating viruses, allergen and harmful oxygen.

However, the negative ion from Virus Zero will attach to the dust and let it fall down after making the dust heavy. Accordingly, we can say it have an effect. Also, it is good solution for the place where dust cleaning or elimination is difficult, since Virus Zero will eliminate various viruses there.

    Q: There's high and low level mode. What's the difference of negative ion quantity between two modes?

A: The occurring quantity of ion is same. The high or low level mode is for fan's blowing force difference. In other words, high level wind will blow the ion farther with stronger wind from the fan.

    Q: I'd like to purchase Virus Zero for my children. Is there any dangerous point touching by child? It seems there's running electric current inside device.

A: This is a DC current product, accordingly, there's no dangerous point for an electric shock.

    Q: Can Virus Zero remove smoke?

A: Removing smoke is the basic function of all kind of ionizer product. Virus Zero is also an ionizer product which eliminates viruses and smoke.

    Q: Under which testing condition, Virus Zero eliminates 99% virus? It seems the size of product is quite small.

A: The testing result of over 99% virus elimination is under lab test conditions. However, it can be rather different for real life situation. In actual field testing, it has approx. over 70% virus elimination at 16.5 m2~23 m2 (square meter).

Generally, an Air purifier product will precipitate air dust with a filter. It means only the air which passes this air filter can be purified. Normally, an air purifier specification says that one 30x30 cm filter can work for approx. 60 m2 (square meter).

However, Virus Zero sends out negative-ions to the air and finally makes one huge air filter (approx. 9.9 m2 size) ie. The full room becomes a filter.

Accordingly, it's not really a product size issue since we can't say 9.9 m2 air filter works less than 30cm x 30cm internal filter of air purifier product.

    Q: Recently, the H1N1 situation has become serious. So I'd like to purchase virus zero. Does it eliminate H1N1 Virus?

A: Yes, Virus Zero has been approved for its H1N1 virus inactivating effect by Chungnam University, Korea. However, we can't advertise it since Virus Zero product is not a medical product.

Virus Zero is good for eliminating various virus, allergen and harmful oxygen as well as H1N1 virus.

    Q: I'd like to use Virus Zero during my business trip in HK and Europe. Can I use this abroad?

A: Yes, Virus Zero is free voltage supporting product. You can use each DC 12V adaptor matching for each country. It can even be used in the car with the car adaptor supplied with the product.

    Q: My nephew is infected by H1N1 virus. Is it working for the people already infected by virus?

A: Unfortunately, Virus Zero can't work for already infected people. However, it would be good choice and recommended to purchase for the family and neighborhood of H1N1 virus infected people.

    Q: If I use Virus Zero for 24 hours without power-off continuously, how long can I use this product?

A: SPi module's life time is over 10 years. 0ther components like fan and circuit parts can be aged and not properly work after several years. Accordingly, cleaning the product based on owner's manual instruction could make longer life time of Virus Zero product. We offer one year warranty on the product.

    Q: I have an experience of bad smell (like fishy) from air purifier product. The service center said it's because of ozone. Is Virus Zero making ozone?

A: There is a very small quantity of ozone generated from Virus Zero. However, any bad smell (like fishy) never comes from Virus Zero. The quantity of ozone from virus zero is quite small like 1/7 from ozone limitation value as specified by EPA/IEC etc.

For your reference, the acceptance level of ozone generating by FDA (USA) is 0.05ppm (50ppb) and Virus Zero makes under 0.007ppm (7ppb) ozone.

Also, there's ozone from TV, CRT monitor, laser printer, copy machine and that will also contribute t the level of ozone. The limited level of ozone from those electronics is max. 0.01ppm (10ppb).

Therefore, the total quantity is well below acceptable levels in the world.

    Q: I understand SPi's negative ion eliminates influenza virus. However, for allergens which is the main factor in case of thousands of allergies, how does it removes the allergens by ionizing air?

A: Generally, over 70% of allergy are caused by house tick. (it is a confirmed result by allergy specialists). Other factors are hair from a pet etc.

The SPi negative ion from Virus zero eliminates various influenza and also attaches to dead house ticks (which can be breathed in to the human body as micro dust and cause allergic rhinitis and asthma). Accordingly, SPi lets them fall down to the floor by precipitation.

This precipitation prevents breathing in the harmful allergens even though they are present. This would not be an excuse not to clean as the dead ticks need to be removed.

Every allergy can't be completely cured easily. The best solution for allergy is prevention from the allergic factors. Virus Zero is also approved by BAF (British Allergy Foundation - certifying authority).

    Q : Is this also good for skin?

A : There's nothing to do with skin and influenza. However, negative-ion from Virus zero neutralize harmful oxygen (OH radical) and make it as H2O with chemical action.

The OH radical works for oxidization and aging of skin.

Accordingly, neutralizing of OH radical means that it also works for protecting the skin from aging.

    Q: If I use this Spi Virus Zero device 24 hours for one month, how much would I pay for Electricity cost?

A: The power consumption of this product is quite low as 2.52Kw based on 30days/ 24hours operation. It means very little additional power consumption.

    Q: May I use this product in my car?

A: Yes, there's DC cigar adaptor included into package as well as AC adaptor for home use.

    Q: How can I open the Virus Zero product case?

A: Set the Virus Zero product upside down (as push button shown at left side), push the push button lightly with finger and pull the upper cover then it will be open.

    Q: Is there any extra filter necessary?

A: No. Virus Zero is negative ion generating type product and there's only one simple filter for filtering big dust particles. There's no cost for exchanging filter like other air purifier product.

For the simple filter included into Virus Zero, it can be easily cleaned out with water.

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