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This range includes a two-part suit, an upper part and a lower one with adjustable straps, which enable the bomb disposal technician to don and remove or wear either both of the parts without requiring any assistance from other persons. The suit is made of the most advanced ballistic material available today in the world to allow a maximum and optimal level of security to the wearer. Hard armor plates are added to further enhance the vest's protective capabilities in the chest, groin, and collar areas up to threat Level IV, as per NIJ standard. Optional arm and boots protectors can be supplied as an integral part of the suit.

The range also includes Bomb Disposal Suit worn over the uniform providing maximum protection for all parts of the body. This model is used in military forces, and serves in Special Bomb Demolition Squads, Civil Defense Personnel, and Police Sappers summoned to neutralize explosive charges. The suit is designed in such a way allowing maximum comfort and maneuverability. Arm Protective Sleeves are optional when required. The suits are also available with special ventilation systems for extreme hot temperature operations.

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